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Agathians Shelter is a legally registered welfare home under the name: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Agathians Malaysia (0061-04-7). We are a welfare home located at Petaling Jaya. We have 40 boys who are either orphans, abandoned or from broken family, the age ranges between 5 till 20 years old.

Our mission is to save the children from the streets. Our Aim is to fulfil all essential needs in every kid’s life such as shelter, food, education, care, attention and love. Agathians Shelter was founded by Mr.Siva Balan (Brother Siva) in an attempt to rescue 8 boys from an illegal orphanage closed down in 2003.


Hello and welcome to Agathians Shelter’s brand new site. The decision to move to a more blog oriented site was to provide us with the flexibility to churn out more updates periodically on what’s going on at the orphanage. Furthermore, this also allows us to extend the site to other volunteers to write on their account events that took place at the orphanage.

With that said, we extend our warmest welcomes and are excited to see how things unfold over the next few weeks. Expect more updates and changes as time goes by as we finalize the migration from the old site to this new one.