International Cultural Festival at Norway

3 boys from Agathians Shelter were qualified to participate in this renowned International Cultural festival in Norway. In May 2014 – Tinesh, Puweneswaran, and Buddha travelled to Hamar, Norway to represent Malaysia in 3 categories – arts, dance and music. While manning the Malaysian booth, they exhibited and taught Norwegian children how to make a traditional kite. They also performed beat boxing and breakdancing at the cultural festival, and got to meet and have a one lesson with popular break dancer, P.S.Dance. Moving forward they went for a tour in the Hamar Cultural House which was newly opened in March of 2014. They attended music lesson – playing drums and other instruments, as well as a Ballet dance event. In addition to going on lots of tours and trips (go-karting, rock climbing, swimming and a movie), the boys also got to meet the city council mayor of Hamar! Way to go, boys!

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