Larian Gegar for Agathians 2014

Larian Gegar is a yearly marathon event for the Agathians Shelter, and the 2014 run on May 4th was the first of many future collaborations between University Malaya and Agathians Shelter. Almost 1,600 runners attended the event, with the champions receiving medals and certifications. The Agathians boys (AG Breakers) entertained the crowd through breakdance and beat boxing performances. Agathians also helped distribute Milo and Tupperware. The event was sponsored by the UEM Group, Tupperware, Etiqa, UMW Toyota Motor, Gardenia, Zalora, Pemanis, Eagle Pagoda, Taxi Monger, Running Malaysia Magazine and I Pixel Productions. The Agathians Marathon will now be an annual event. Join us and run for a good cause.

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